My mother's pantyhose

I started wearing my mother's pantyhose and panties when was 11 years old. It was just my mom and I and was home by myself after school until she came home from her work. I felt so sexy and pretty wearing my mother's nude pantyhose with a pair of panties. When my mother found out she started buying me pantyhose and panties along with a little dress and heels.I was my mother's little lady boy dressed so sexy.

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  • Yes I still wear pantyhose and panties. Once my mom knew we would have special nights where I would go in her bedroom and she wear just a pair of her nude pantyhose and she let me watch as she played with her v***** and then I would feel her between legs.

  • I wish my mom would have been so open and understanding, but I somehow knew she wouldn't, so I never told her how I loved dressing up in her panties, pantyhose and control panties before she got home from work. I started when I was 10 and I still love wearing all sorts of silky women's lingerie today. Do you still enjoy lingerie today? Do you have someone in your life to share your secret with now? How did your mom find out...did she catch you, or what? I'd love to know. Also how long were you your mom' sexy ladyboy. I used to invite several neighborhood boys & girls that were about 3 or 4 years younger to come over and watch me put on all my mom's lingerie. It was soooo naughty and exciting and they loved watching me put on my mom's lingerie. I would like to write you or any others who enjoy wearing womens lingerie.

  • Wish I knew you at 10 I love little boys in panties

  • I would have worn my nicest white dress with nude pantyhose and little white panties

  • I would have loved for you to take my panties off or play with me through my pantyhose.

  • Thank you for the reply. I would have loved to wear pantyhose for you.

  • So nice to hear someone who had a supportive mom. mine bought me panty hose, a leotard, plastic pants

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