Pregnancy fetish

I really wanted to get my fiancé pregnant so I downloaded an app to track her ovulation and always tried to have s** when she was fertile. I think she wants it too, we don’t use protection and she always begs me to c** inside her holding me in as I c**, it really turns me on. She is now showing signs of pregnancy, missed period, craving for strange foods and tender b******. It turns me on so much thinking I have bread her.

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  • Do you have the money to take care of the kid and the mom, you f*****??? You could have had a lot of fun just f****** her with a condom. Or, with IUD. Many women don't give p**** after their baby is born. B******* are history after the kid is born. You will have to whack your c***. Anyway, f*** her c*** while you can!!! Be careful, next time.

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