My friend and her phone..

I love my friend, but she is always glued to her phone 24/7! She is always texting someone, most likely her boyfriend while I am trying to have some time to chill out with her. I respect that she has a boyfriend, but her texting really gets annoying, especially when i'm trying to talk to her. Should I tell her to stop? Or just let it be?

Dec 31, 2011

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  • It's crazy how we all used to function without a phone attached to our ear at all times. But regardless, it's rude. There's a place and time to use the phone. Tell her first how you feel. Then the next time you hang out, when she does it again - Get up leave and tell her to call you when she's available to actually spend time with you. She'll get the hint. Guaranteed she'll be calling you night and day when the boyfriend leaves her.

  • You could bring it up to her. Tell her that it bothers you. Try it out.

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