Young sister

I caught my 9 year old sister masterbating I'm her room and then she made her self squirt everywhere I couldn't keep my eyes off her bald p**** I decided to start masterbating while watching her



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  • No this is fake as all heII. Do you know why some older women squirt when having the O? That is because they have weak bladders and the muscles relax a bit and they pi ss themselves. Young girls don't have that problem. Fake and written by a pedo

  • Everything I have read on this websit has been so torally made up b.s. and lies......
    Except this one...this guy is really confessing...
    This happens alot...girls as young as six discover there happy place and will grind and rub themselves is just natural and normal....
    What is unnatural abnormal perverted and bad about this issue...are the people who say that It Is wrong in any way shape or form.

  • I would love to see one 6 doing it naked

  • It is natural for any to experiment sexually as they grow and especially when they reach puberty.

  • I would go in her room while she is masterbating and say sis let me help you and before she says anything climb on top of her and start f****** her make sure you c** inside her and she o******

  • I f****** loved it since that we have f***** and done 69 and everything

  • Too young!!!!

  • are wrong. Normal human females discover themselves and rub themselves off with a matter of fact it is usually started around age six....

  • I would love to watch her and c** for her if she wants

  • Let her see you c**, but don't do anything else

  • I would no probs

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