My main new year resolution was to quit smoking. My husband hates me smoking although some other men love it And can't take their eyes off of me when I do it.

I had stopped for a few weeks but then the virus kicked off and my stress levels was so much that I really HAD to smoke so I started back and I needed it. Smoking just calms me and helps me cope better. I'm easier to be with when I'm back to smoking.

Apr 13, 2020

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  • I haven't tried to quit like you, but I do understand the pressure of the lockdown. In my case, it has made me to smoke more. Before, I was only barely smoking a pack a day and didn't always smoke a full pack. Now, I'm almost always a 2ppd girl. My nerve are shot to h***, and smoking helps me to deal with all my stress. Good luck all of us!!

  • Studies show that the calming is mostly the effect of soothing the addiction. If you quit is actually gets better... eventually. The withdrawal can be hard.

  • If I were your husband I would ask/beg that you continue to smoke. If your smoking is sexy enough to attract the love of other men, then it is to the benefit of WHOEVER you're married to that you not stop. EVER. please please please please PLEASE don't quit!!!!!

  • Yes, but it could cut a decade off her life. That's a high price to pay.

  • You mentioned that men love your smoking. So, you must have pretty great skills. Do you do French inhales? OMI's? Residuals? Nostrils? Rings? Multiples? Snaps? Pops? You're really really good aren't you? I bet you're a sexy f****** b****.

  • I agree with those who favor women smoking. It's a classy, sophisticated and elegant thing. And glamorous. I love the ladies that smoke. And I really HATE the fact that they can't do it in public anymore. I miss that.

  • I have always preferred women who smoke. The women who are smokers -- or who have smoked for a long period during their lives are ALWAYS better lovers, better kissers and just generally more adventuresome in bed. ALWAYS. so please don't stop. Just quit quitting.

  • I feel the same. Women who smoke are total animals in bed. ANIMALS!!! G****** they all can just f***!!!!! I'll take a smoker every time.

  • Women who smoke don't do it for me - wont f*** em, I wont even let them blow me. YUK!

  • Won"t "let them"??? Are you insane? Or do you just not have a d***?

  • Forrest Gump's mama: "stupid is as stupid does".

  • No way. Girlsmoke is wonderful and sweet and loving and warm and beautiful. dear God how I love Girlsmoke.

  • Please blow smoke rings out of your pu$$y and blow them towards me

  • It’s perfectly alright to smoke ma’am. We all in a way are addicted to our respective habbits..I have to m********* more than 5 times to calm myself due to this lockdown, fuckingg virus...fuckk china

  • I agree...F*** CHINA... IN THE ASS!!!!

  • Please don't think of yourself as a failure. My best friend is a recovering drug addict and he says that quitting drugs was nothing compared to quitting smoking. He says cigarettes are far more addictive than drugs and harder to stop. So please keep trying: it is totally worth the effort so don't give up! You are so NOT a failure!!!!You will get there!

  • Quiting something is all depends on the one's willpower.

    Would suggest to keep in mouth a clove when you urge of smoking.
    Try it. Good Luck.

  • Addiction is tough. I am addicted to this s*** site. It gives no tangible benefit to me or society and still I come back here to read the stuff others write when clearly most of it (not this one) is just dreaming

  • Nobody ever quits on the first try, so please don't be too h****** yourself. You will get there! Best wishes to you!

  • I certainly understand your situation, and I'm so sorry to got hot with such a hug obstacle right after you"d made the decision to quit and then actually did it. Congratulations for taking that step and please hang on to that idea and impulse. Don't hate yourself and don't get down. They'll be ending the restrictions soon and it will be because the virus threat is ending. And that should make it easier for to go ahead and quit. You made a big decision to better yourself and it was the right thing. You know that. So just wait a little while and then restart your resolution. You will do it. Just hang in there!!!!!

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