I saw my dad naked

I was getting ready to go into my mom's room to tell her something (I don't even remember) and my dumbass thinking that my dad was still in the shower I opened the door without knocking and I saw my dad's p****...…. it was so traumatizing that I almost threw up and I ran to my room crying and I still have nightmares about it till this day (I was 14 at the time and I am now 15)

Apr 21, 2020

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  • Everyone's so weird in the comments wtf, same thing happened to me tho LMAO

  • Not sure why people are weird about nudity

  • Mine are naked most of the day during the warm weather

  • Nakedness upstairs is normal in our house its no big deal

  • That's how it should be. Being naked is natural.

  • Go take some of that pink stuff. I know is good for upset stomach and for the s*** runs

  • Stuffing it up your arze once you take that poker out will work eay better than the pink stuff. You might enjoy it too. Have fun. X

  • Maybe you threw up, because you freaked at the monster c*** you secretly want to suck.

  • She started sucking still in diapers

  • You one sick puppy

  • Therapy will help the fear of a p****. Unless you're a lesbian, it's probably wise. Clearly, some underlying unresolved issues here.

  • It’s a p****. Get over it. Do you expect your father to hide in his own house? F****** brat.

  • Whats so bad about that?

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