I think I was caught

I think I was caught naked. I had just got out of the shower and then I realized that I was out of towels. So I ran to my room (it had a few towels that I was going to put away later) to grab one. I thought that the room inbetween the bathroom and my room was empty. But when I ran pass I saw my stepfather in there. I didn't see if he was looking or not. When I walked back to the bathroom he was gone. I'm not sure if I should leave it be or if I should ask if he saw something. If I do ask then how should I ask?

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  • All these spammers are annoying. Anyway, my bathroom lock doesn't work. I was standing there naked one day going to get a shower when my dad's girlfriend's son walked in on me. I reflexively slammed the door back shut, but I was mortified. He'd also walked in on me while I was taking a crap. Btw I am female. I think it was more embarassing when he walked in while I was on the toilet. Honestly, he never knocks, and now anything I do in the bathroom I make it quick. I've never raised the subject with him, but it is tiring to be scared of being naked in your own home, especially since I was in the bathroom with the door shut. He never saysanything about it, so neither do I, although I may be paranoid but it seems as if it isn't entirely an accidet. I don't know. I wouldn't raise the situation with him; it will just make it awkward. Just forget it.

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  • Wrong! You are now officially history. Good riddance.

  • Welcome to Meow's Confession Post. Feel free to post your confession and have it spammed to death, courtesy of admin Meow.

  • You got a boyfriend?

  • No, not really...

  • That's surprising.

  • Well it's a long story.

  • I truly hope you find love and happiness. I sense you are a real good person who deserves the best life has to offer.

  • You sound hot! Come to Boston and catch my heart.

  • Pic or it didn't happen!

  • How the h*** can someone take a picture of something like this! You would need to do the whole thing over again with a camera.

  • Exactly! A reenactment. That's how the h*** you do it. Yeah!

  • I love it when a guy s***'s or p***** in my mouth and all over me .... and i love to eat p*** out of public bathroom toilets when i see it ... nothing turns me on more than that. Kiss my t***, Meow

  • That's really wierd

  • Meow is extremely weird.

  • S***.....wish you lived near me so i could check out how hot you are.

  • I swear, if you don't stop meowing I will find where you live, kidnap you, torcher you until you wish for death, then let you sit in a room with no food or water.

  • That would be the best thing that could happen to Meow. You'd probably get a medal or some bonus money for doing a much needed public service. P.S. Meow, if you are reading this. You are a piece of s*** and you SUCK!

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  • Please stop the meowing. It's annoying and helps no one. Plus I'm deathly allergic to cats.

  • To have an informed opinion on this matter I am going to need to see you naked.

  • You wish!

  • Why would you ever need that to make a "informed opinion"?

  • Evangeline wouldn't worry about stuff like this.

  • I have been caught many times. Big deal.

  • She wanted him to see her. Consciously or subconsciously she liked the forbidden thrill of it. She is a closet exhibitionist, whether she knows it or not.

  • No, I don't like the "thrill" because there is no thrill. For me it's just one step closer to a past that I don't want to live through again.

  • She probably dresses like a nun and thinks s** is icky.

  • Umm no, I don't dress like a nun. And I don't think s** is "icky" it's just a part of life. The thing is, I've had very bad experiences in my life and simply feel uncomfortable about the subject. Plus the last thing I want is fire my stepfather to see me nude.

  • *for

  • I wish I could have caught a glimpse of that. Must have been hot.

  • Don't ask him and don't give it a second thought. If you make it into a big deal, it becomes a bigger deal for you. Chances are he was busy in the room and didn't notice you walking by. And you sound mortified regardless of what the answer would be from him.

  • No way he didn't notice a hot young woman in all her awesome naked glory. What? You think the guy's a freakin' monk? H***, even a monk would have noticed that. Any mother's son of the heterosexual persuasion would have noticed. Men have a built in radar for knowing when a naked woman is on the horizon of their peripheral vision.

  • Agreed. I could be drunk on my ass and pass out and if a woman was nude within 50 yards of me I would come to in a heart beat and know it . I almost forgot. I would see it too. H*** yeah! If it was an accident, I would be polite and say something nice like "Wow. I love your bazooms!" just to break the ice and make her feel better with a compliment.

  • I like getting caught. I am not shy or ashamed on my hot curvy body.

  • Oh my goodness! You should go live in a convent with your prudish attitude. You don't think he has seen a naked woman before? You are too repressed. You should go to a nude beach and shed your clothes and your puritan inhibitions.

  • First, I'm in Washington state (to cold to have nude beaches). Second, I'm sure he has seen a naked woman before but I still don't want him to see me naked. Third, I don't think I'm repressed.

  • There is no reason for him to say something other than to kind of laugh at you . This is really nothing . It is good to be modest but adult men normally make no deal out of it . would you make a big deal out of seeing him naked ?

  • I would make a big deal out of it

  • Are you a girl? If so, spread your legs and let him bang you.

  • Bang me then (I'm the guy who told you to bang him). Are you British? ;)

  • It's my stepfather! I would never do that!

  • You sound hot. Are you into guys?

  • Disgusting!

  • I don't know what the problem is. My stepfather and his brother have seen me naked many times. I have seen them naked many times too. It's no big deal like you prudish Americans make it out to be. For God's sakes it is just your natural body. My family are like nudists. We rarely wear clothes at home and always go to nude beaches. Nobody gets aroused or embarrassed by it.

  • That's why cause your family is used to it, her family isn't and that's why is a big deal.

  • Just say, "Excuse me but did you see me when I was naked as a jaybird coming out of the shower?" If he says yes, demand he disrobe so you can see him naked. That way it will be t** for tat. Fair is fair.

  • That sounds like a really bad idea

  • I like that idea. It's even Steven, a win win for everyone.

  • I have no desire to see him naked

  • Dont ask, just leave it be. In this type of situation asking would lead to him thinking you were teasing him (in a sexual way)so don't ask.

  • Ok thanks!

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