Seducing my MIL

It started when I was young. When I was about 5 or 6 I was “sexually abused” by my grandmother . Now I put that in quotation marks because I remember liking it. It had a lasting effect on me ... I have a huge thing for motherly older woman. My grandmother was pretty good looking for her age and she was gorgeous in her youth . A knock em dead blonde of the 60’s. Now just to clarify I have zero sexual feelings for my own mother and never have . In fact I’m not attracted to any women who even resemble her.
Now since I look back fondly on those times with my grandma ( who other than those moments she was a picture perfect grandma who always had a toy or treat every time I visited ) those moments have left me with a l*** for older women. I’m especially attracted to women who were hot when younger and still resemble their youthful looks but may have some extra padding or wrinkles. This led me to losing my virginity ( of my own accord ) when I was 17 to a woman I met on an online dating site for s**. Of course it was illegal for me to be on there but i found it very hard to find older women who were looking for s** . So I found “Susan” who was 47 at the time, married with 3 daughters. Susan was kind of my type ... you could tell she was once pretty but she had gained some pounds. She seemed really into the fact I was 17 and a virgin, which really turned me on. Once we connected we really didn’t waste anytime exchanging pics and sexting. She told me I could do anything I want . She loved calling me her son , and she always say things like “momma loves her young man”, which really turned me on. Susan was awesome, she would give me b******* - really deepthroating me- and swallow every drop while saying how much she loved her New son. She would let me have a*** s** with her ... and she would cuddle with me which I didn’t know I liked until I experienced it. After I went to college we stopped seeing each other, I also think her husband may have suspected something at that point.
So now that brings me to my mother in law , whom I knew since I was a teen. I had a huge crush on her back then . I ended up marrying her daughter and she would become a widow a year after we got married. I hadn’t been with an older woman since Susan and I didn’t really have any plans until one night my MIL and I started chatting on facebook. At first it was very innocent, but I noticed she would always say flirty things and joke around in nearly every convo. One day we started talking about drinking, and I said if I was single and I saw her I would absolutely ask her out now. This one line changed everything . She replied you’re to handsome , I said she was gorgeous and I hope her daughter looks just like her when she is her age. The next day my MIL got my number from my wife and started texting me privately on my phone. On Facebook she tagged and posted on one my photos how handsome her adopted son was ! That turned me on and there was no going back after that . I knew it was wrong and my heart was pounding , but everytime I thought of her I would get so hard. I had this primal urge to f*** her. So I waited till the next time we texted and I asked her does she want to f*** her son in law . I knew the risk I was taking but I felt confident . She responded with just a yes . Then we discussed her daughter, and agreed all of this would stay with us. I was to come over the next day and my MIL would take off from work .
So I arrived at my MILs house the next day. I was really nervous. Heart pounding , felt like it would beat right out of my chest. We had discussed the day before that I was to just come around the back and go through the screen door. I yelled in so she would know I arrived. She looked amazing , which made me calm down a little. “ my adopted son came to visit , only family that comes to see me “... I nervously chuckled as she came closer. She Immediately came for a kiss on the lips while holding my chin. I looked down her shirt , she was not wearing a bra and her huge t*** would jiggle with every movement. We started talking again... and I let her know I wanted to cut the bs. We had been going back and forth for months and I knew what she wanted . I let her see how hard I was through my pants . She started rubbing my c***, telling me mom is going to take care of her adopted son. I think she could feel my bulge throb when she said that . I told her it really turned me on because of a woman I had been with In The past Who was into mommy son roleplay . I told her to suck my c*** better than her daughter ever had . She seemed taken aback by this at first but seemed to get into it as she continued . This was the greatest b****** of my life . Just the feeling of how wrong it was but it felt so right . She started deepthroating , stopping to ask if her son loved it and if her daughter did it better. I never came so much in my life .... she tried to swallow it all but could not . Afterward we cuddled and made out . We ended up hooking up pretty frequently. She is a champ for letting me f*** her hard... sometimes when we get together I just get this primal urge to f*** her as hard as possible in every hole she has. I know it’s wrong but sometimes I’m thankful my grandmother imprinted on me the beauty of an older woman.

Apr 30, 2020

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  • My gran's been satisfying me for more than seventeen years now. Although she's' 85, she never refuses me when I need her. i'm 31 now, and I can honestly say that Gran has the tightest love-hole that I've ever experienced.

  • Would love to f*** my MIL. I play with her dirty panties and sneak pics of her.

  • Something like that happened to me. The first time I had s** was with my drunk mother when she was so drunk she thought I was Dad. At first I thought it was crazy but looking back on it I can't seem to forget how it felt being able to experience s** with her. Now the only women I desire is much older ladies then me

  • My divorced mum often gets drunk and asks me to fu ck her. Her pus sy is so tight that she has me spunking up her without a condom in just a few minutes.

  • This is a great story. I feel so related to it because i like older women of the same type, I just don't know why but I do... And I think s** with mature women is the best. I'd love to hear more

  • Nice !
    I wouldn’t mind f****** my mother in law.
    Do you have any more stories?

  • Thanks, I do have some more... maybe I'll post them!

  • Let’s hear more about your grandmother.

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