It really turns me on knowing a woman is ovulating, I really like it when she tells me during s** and asks for my c** inside her. Makes me harder when she holds me in just as I c**. Do women also enjoy having c** inside them while ovulating or just anytime?

May 5, 2020

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  • I concur with other posts here, but one oddity that I experience when ovulating is finding guys at work attractive in a sexual way when I normally don't. I think it's nature's evolutionary way of saying "It's baby making time." I neither have kids nor want them, and my husband has a vasectomy, so he gets plenty when I'm in randy time. I'd never, ever cheat, but guys look f****** hot during ovulation. It's like seeing the world through a different pair of lenses.

  • My cycles are pretty regular and 2 things always happen together--my cervical mucus turns into sticky egg whites and I crave d*** like no other time of the month. Other things change too, like my sense of smell is more acute. Being around good smelling guys drives me crazy when I'm ovulating. I'm pretty much ready to mount anything for a few days.

  • My body is changing I'm h**** every second of the day. Now I know Pegro grls but not me.

  • This comment is such a turn on for me. I'll have to invest in some more aftershave I think haha.

  • I know when I'm ovulating I can't stop masturbating and thinking about getting f***** and having s**** shot up me,even in school I go in toilet to m********* are any other girls the same,I'm masturbating now.

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