Bad uncle

I'm a 44yo guy who has been separated for around three years, I have come to really enjoy masturbating and I like to have a bit of amphetamines when doing it as it makes me extremely h****. I often use a site where I can j*** off with other guys on cam.
My younger sister was going away for a long weekend and asked me to feed her dog and cat for her which I had no problem agreeing to. She left me the keys and I went over on the Friday evening to feed them for the first time. I had taken some amphetamines as I was planning on having a j*** session when I returned home. I let myself in and got gave the animals their food and needed to use the toilet before I left.
My sister has two daughters Kelly 15yo and Emma who is twelve and they are both little cuties. As I walked from the bath room and walked past Kelly's room I spotted a pair of panties on the floor. I decided to check them out and to my delight they were dirty one's.
I gave them a sniff and I was in heaven, the scent of her p**** was amazing. I stripped down and began playing with myself, I found another two pairs and they smelt just as good. I noticed some elastic hair ties on her drawer and decided to wrap them around my c*** and b**** as tight as I could, so much the veins were bulging and I was rock hard.
I played with myself sniffing one pair and stroking myself with another pair. I was really h**** and a lot of pre c** was oozing from the head of my c***.
Feeling naughty I rubbed my c*** over her pillow case leaving a trail of pre c** along it. It wasn't long before I needed to c** and I blew a massive load inside the pillow case all over the pillow. I rubbed it into the pillow hoping it would dry before she returned. It turned me on thinking she would be sleeping with her head in My c**.
I composed myself feeling guilty about what I had just done but thinking about it made me h**** again. This time I went to Emma's room and in a basket in the corner I found two pairs of her unwashed panties and a little bra. Oh wow Emma's panties scent was sweet, f*** I was turned on like never before. The second pair had some stains in them from her little p**** and from her bottom, I couldn't help myself and began licking them, her s*** stain was surprisingly a turn on and I was imagining licking her little ass hole. I could feel myself going to c** again and I blew my load over her pillow.
I took both their panties home with me and had a j*** session on the cam site and the guy I was on with was impressed when I told him what I had done. The next evening I had another session in both the girls rooms but this time blowing into a fresh pair of panties from their drawers. By Sunday both their pillows were dry, you could see my stains and hopefully my sister thinks they both dribbled in their sleep.
Every time I visit now I try to sneak into their rooms to grab a pair, I have succeeded a few times. Now every time I look at Kelly and Emma I nearly get hard thinking I know what their p****** smell like. I can't wait for them to plan another trip away and I will definitely be volunteering to feed the animals, I have a devious plan to c** over their toothbrushes. I don't know if I could bring myself to actually do it but I often think about it while jerking that they are brushing their teeth with uncles c**.


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  • Pedo
    My moms boy friend use to force my pants off and well not going into detail but
    He molested me on many occasions
    Just because we dont fight of stop it of tell anyone don’t mean we want it to happen

  • Which one would you like first?

  • All s** should be between adults, related or not.

  • You pedos are sick if I had my way chesters would get a death sentence right after found guilty

  • Nothing nicer than a nice young baldpussy

  • Do you know if both girls are hairy or bald ? Both girls sound h****.
    Would love to see them naked.
    Describe them both please.

  • Wow. I cant believe your nieces cant even be safe around their uncle, that's disgusting and everyone else in these comments are perverts. you all need to be put away

  • Wow great story and you should c** on their toothbrushes and c** in their clean panties and put them back into their Dresser. Oh and if you do, so it write another story, reading them makes me rock hard

  • Love tocum in my nieces knickers

  • So do I.
    My niece is 13 years old and her dirty knickers smell amazing.
    I get so hard when I talk to her now knowing that I've sniffed her p**** effectively by sniffing her knickers without her knowledge plus I've found some of her pubic hairs which tell me that little blonde Melissa has a hairy ginger p****.
    I have a feeling that my brother , her dad sniffs her knickers too.

  • Nice all I got are my hands

  • I've groped my friends girls they are beautiful

  • Ohhhh nice

  • Emma's for me for sure

  • Why Emma’s.

  • I Would be looking to see whether Emma at 12 has any pubes yet.
    I take it neither girls have been f*****,
    Would love to see their tight slits and cute little bums including their s*** holes.
    What colour are the girls hairs on their heads ?

  • Emma’s blond and I see her in a vest and no knickers on Saturday morning she has no hair. On her Minnie.

  • Hit me up on wickr, it's ygfunguy

  • Yes Emma is a pretty girl will be a stunner when she’s older.

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