I'm convinced

I'm convinced that there's one guy bored at home to writes all of these bullshit fantasies and incest dreams. Everywhere you look, there is a confession about f****** your brother/sister, getting with your relative, or some pedophilic confession. I hate to break it to you...but the police regularly check sites like these. So if they believed anything you say, they'll be at your doorstep quicker than you could like this post.

So f*** off, write something original, or m********* to another fantasy you sickos can come up with. At least go through the effort of making your lie realistic.

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  • I think you've got the nail on the head.

  • Can I just say some thing the actual problem is the owner of this website..rest you people are wise enough to understand what I want to say

  • Are you wise enough to actually say it?

  • There is one sick fock out there you can spot his writing by a mile. I keep telling him to stand on the tracks and wait.

  • Lol, thanks for doing so. Wish he would!

  • I think writing sexually about kids is wrong but I have no issues about incest between adults whether it's fantasy or not. To say that incest doesn't happen is ridiculous and don't forget incest is legal in some countries

  • Adopting your lame viewpoint, pedophilia also happens, and is legal and even encouraged in some countries. You're just a judgemental pervert, that's all.

  • Pedophilia should never be encouraged. What is your problem with incest between two adults?? Why do you I think I'm a pervert just because I have no problems with family s**?

  • No, I think you're a pervert for being in here. So am I, but that's not the point. Your attempts to legitimize your perversion by claims that it happens and is legal in some places, invited comparisons to pedophilia.

  • Being into incest doesn't mean you're perverted. I want to f*** my 34 year old sister and I don't see why that is a problem for you. Please look up incest laws in Europe, especially Spain and Portugal. It might open your eyes.

  • Couldn't comment when I first saw this, this site is a f****** wreck.
    The problem with certain kinds of people is that they don't have any imagination. If you've read one pedo fantasy you've read them all!!! The cops should just shoot everyone they track down from this site. The covid virus isn't doing enough to cleanse the scum from humanity.

  • You're a sick f*****

  • You're a triggered pedo who needs to die gasping for air and crying and s******* all over itself

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