Pool guys

My husband works in the medical field and because of covid hasn’t come near me, let along had s** with me in four months.
I’ve been absolutely desperate to have s**.
I even told him he can bend me over and ram it in but he said it was still to risky!
Well last week two guys came over to start opening our pool for the season.
They were both pretty hot looking and both in just shorts and flip flops.
I watched them from my bedroom window while I had my favourite vibrator going at full speed.
At lunch I heard one of them say he was going out to get some food while the other guy stayed back.
I took that opportunity to bring the other guy a bottle of water.
We were chatting about nothing special in the cabana change room. He told me about growing up in Jamaica and I just kept sneaking glances at his crotch area.
I was seriously beyond h**** by this point as he was shirtless, built and covered in sweat.
I finally said what the h*** and walked over as he was still talking, got on my knees and pulled down his shorts. Before he could say anything I had my lips wrapped around his d***.
Just at that moment his friend came back and saw us. He dropped his bag of food, walked over and pulled out his d*** as well. I sucked them both.
As I kept sucking the first guy the second guy got behind me, pulled me up in a bent over position and started giving it to me.
Within minutes came too many times to count. I layed down after absolutely exhausted.

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  • It happens; When I worked HOA security, I was called by my supervisor to take over at a client resident's home as we took a report on water damage. When I arrived he said he was married and to "enjoy the view" and left. I didn't know what he was talking about until she came back out. The lady was in a negligee. At first she pouted that the first guy left but then she put her attention on me.

  • It does happen. I used to handle property damage claims, and had s** or c*** servicing from many married women who's husbands were't around often enough or just not giving them enough. Did one job where the woman was already in a tiny, black bikini, tanning on a hill in their back yard, when I arrived. She didn't bother to cover up while leading me into or around the house, walked with an ass-shake, and drew attention to her t*** by readjusting her bikini straps at just the right time.

    When I finished my estimate, we talked, she sat on my lap, put her arms around me, and told me I wasn't done yet. I had two jobs to do that day. The damage estimate, and HER. We had wild, she was definitely denied too long, s** in their guest bedroom for the rest of the afternoon. Before I left, she joked "So, is my payment estimate higher now? Please don't say lower!". I told her it was high to begin with, but that I'd be back..Maybe a few more times, just to confirm and make sure I didn't miss anything.

    She wasn't the only one, but, sticks in my mind just for meeting me in that tiny bikini. She knew what she was doing.

  • It may not seem like it but it happens. I've seen my share of it.

  • Awesome!!!

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