My cousins daughter

I won't say her age, but she was younger. After I got out of the army I lived with my cousin for awhile. I used wake up early and see the kids off to school. We would sit and watch cartoons I would always freeball in basketball shorts. Brianna would sit next to me one day she put her hand on my knee and I was instantly hard. So I grabbed her not thinking she would know any better and placed it on my hard d***. However, she grabbed my hard d*** and squeezed it and looked at me and said "peeper?" All I said was yes and she started stroking me through my shorts. I didn't c** cause the buss showed up but later that I night I saw her get up to use the restroom and so I waited. When she came out I turned on my light with my full hard d*** out and when she saw it she smiled and walked over to me she grabbed it and started smelling it I told her to open her mouth and I put the tip of my d*** in her mouth. After about five minutes she started to rub eyes cause she was sleepy so I put her to bed as she was laying there I pulled her tiny shorts and panties down she just smiled as I got closer and started licking her sweet untouched p**** she just giggled and started moving her hips. It was just that one time and I never put anything in her.



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  • U should have cam deep in her

  • Oh yes fill that lovely tiny p****

  • If she enjoyed being licked she clearly wanted your d*** inside her tiny p****

  • Tiny young p**** is heavenly to suck on. Even better if you can do it taking whole of it on your mouth as she open wide her thighs!!

  • Baby and up for me

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