help me...

i'm sitting here, physically trembling because i'm so scared, and i'm asking myself, 'am i REALLY ready to get this out of my head and ask for help?'

and though it frightens the s*** out of me, i know i need to tell someone, even if it's online and annonymous; i need help. and for the record, i'm a girl.

as a young teen, i was [what i fear] over-sexually curious. i mean, i know everyone gets curious and stuff around early teenage years, but i think i was a little... over the top. i wanted to know what s** felt like, but i had no interest in actually having s**, touching myself felt wrong, and i had no means of obtaining a d****... so i used a pencil; a freaking pencil and the eraser fell off... inside me.

it's been almost four years. and i'm afraid as h*** that it's going to affect my ability to have children, which is something i seriously dream of doing someday, and talk about going to a gynecologist and having them say, 'uh... there's something in there...' or having s** and the guy is wondering, 'ok, what the h*** is that that's rubbing on me cuz it doesn't feel right!'

it's utterly humiliating and i don't want to have to go to a doctor about it... i just really need help. if anyone can give me any advice at all, i'd be eternally grateful. i'm scared, and i don't want to have to go on with my life knowing that it's still there... i just want it to be gone...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Try not to worry.You probably have already passed it and just wasn't aware of it.

  • As much as you might not want to hear this, the p**** is some acidic stuff and that eraser is probably LONG gone.

  • Pencils are too thin. For any kind of pleasure you should at least use a hairbrush handle.

  • Yeaaa thats what i use

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