so i'm a girl. and there's this guy...

we flirt, we cuddle, we hold hands, we talk all the time, we hang out, we connect on so many levels, we understand the limits of each other's comfort zones, we care about each other, we respect each other, we're each other's safety nets.

we don't kiss. we don't make out. we don't have any type of s**. we aren't dating. we aren't exclusive. we don't say 'i love you'. we don't expect any of the preceeding out of each other.

we are NOT friends with benefits.

tip: don't make assumptions on relationships without knowing your facts, b/c then people who are in situations like me will just make you feel like an idiot; just like i did with my friends who said, 'oh, so you're friends with benefits!'

haha, world. haha.

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  • u sound like once so-called XFF of mine

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