Having IT Out in public

I like to walk around in public places with my c*** hanging out of my pants. Of course that gets men in trouble so I devised a way. I buy some shirts that are longer than usual, unzip and unbutton my pants, fold them wide open. I usually go commando but will push my underwear below my b****. With everything hanging out I get a thrill knowing I could be easily seen and have”accidentally” been exposed several times. I just get about my errands shopping post office what ever. I don’t hang low but erections are hard to hide, especially if the shirt just covers the package. Grocery stores are the worst, it seems like I get asked to reach items for shorter ladies and then it is completely out in the open. I have had several wrap their hands around my c*** Ann’s play a little. Parking lot BJs as well as a couple in less open parts of the store. Some of the shirts cover when up close but at a distance sometimes the tip shows. The looks of did I just see something. It makes for easy exposure when you are feeling safe, just raise an arm or two. Nothing hidden then!

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  • Hi I have a knife so sharp that I don't know when I cut myself. I mean it's sharp. Maybe we will meet and as I walk by you. You will never notice it's gone till have walked down the street.

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