Just imagine if . . . .

Just imagine if Hitler had sent "people of colour" ie n****** to the gas chambers , then nobody would have batted an eyelid .



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  • I should get a time machine, dress you up in a Rabbi costume and send you back to Berlin 1940 in that time machine ( while you sleep) so that you can go enjoy yourself and have lots of fun in your new Death camp.

  • True, brother. We need it now, more than ever.

  • The first people going into -my- gas chamber would be douchebros who call people "brother". I am so done with loudmouthed insecure meatheads! And Donnie is your drooling, fist-waving prince. Losers!!

  • Papa Don, President for Life! Autocracy, here we come!

  • As someone said , there are more mental defectives than ever!!!

  • You are a sick f***.

  • #sickfuck

  • This doesn't make sense to me

  • N****** is a nasty word.
    Hitler was an evil man

  • The word NIG GER is only as powerful as someone who hears it lets it be.

  • You know who eugenics really doesn't like? Mental defectives. Maybe watch YOUR back.

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