I love my moms feet

My mom has the nicest feet in the world. She is 45 and her feet are so soft and wrinkly and has the nicest arch I have ever seen. She is always putting them in my face and telling me to smell them or telling me to massage them. I get so hard when I do that. I just want to taste her soles and her pretty toes, and j*** off with her feet.

It’s not even only her feet. My mom has the nicest body, especially for her age. She has a fat ass, perfectly medium sized perky milf t*** with hard nipples that show through all of her shirts, and I have seen her m********* one time. She has the most amazing p**** I have ever seen, and I have watched a lot of p***. The best part is, is that it looks so tight and she even plays with her ass. I want to worship her, and I think she might want me to do it as well because she is always teasing me with her feet. For example, she always wiggles and spreads her toes when I look at them, and she always wears slutty clothes when we are alone, showing her ass and t*** with a juicy camel toe. Should I just go for it and try to have s** with her?

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  • Daddy and I have been having foot play since I was 11, I'm 35 now. Started with him masturbating me as I jerked him with my feet. Within a few weeks I was c****** just from him rubbing my feet.

    We developed our daughter-father foot fetish together. At 12, we started having a*** s**, at 13 i lost my virginity. To this day he always holds one of my feet as we f***. The s** is incredible after all these years. We have 4 children. I love my Daddy so much.

  • Has she given any signs that she is interested in s** with you?

  • She sits on my lap and wiggles around and wears revealing clothes around me

  • Sounds promising! Go for it!!

  • Did she ever allow you to feet-f*** her while you you stroke her upper thighs to p**** lips??

  • No, the closest I get to that is rubbing her soles and toes with my hands and smelling her delicious soles when she tells me

  • What is it with you incest sickfucks now you have a foot fetish with mommy! Your repeated posts are pathetic. And lame.

  • Mother/son s** is a popular fantasy

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