Divorced neighbor

I have lived here at my home for going on 2 years. when I met my neighbor cindy I immediatly was attracted to her. she is older then me, im guessing early to mid 50's but very attractive with very nice t***. She sells avon, and always seemed to be the prim and proper type.

As time went on, I often talked to her, and we got to be good friends. occasionally she would ask me to help her move something or fix something in her house. Recently, she asked me to look at her hot water tank which wasnt working right and I did. I reset her pilot light and we started talking. The discussion started getting pretty heavy and she knew I wanted her. She left the room and came back a short time later wearing an extra large tshirt and nothing else. She looked at me and asked me "do you want to do this" I simply said yes.

She gave me and incredible b******* as I played with her huge t***. After I busted a load in her mouth, she cuddle up next to me and we just talked. after about 15 minutes I started sucking on those big t****** of hers. I told her to get up and bend over the couch as I rubbed her lotion all over her ass and lower thighs. I began f****** her like there was no tomorrow. I think i f***** her a good 20 minutes before I asked her if i could f*** her in her ass, she told me she loved it, as i pulled out, added a little more lotion and began f****** her ass. I slapped her ass hard as I f***** her and she orgasmed again. It wasnt much longer before I blasted another load in her ass.

we have been f*** buddies ever since.

Dec 19, 2011

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  • Nice fantasy. i think i will go f*** a real woman.

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