I was staying at my cousins overnight, she was in bed upstairs with her husband, anyway she came down for a drink in the night, nightie and knee high socks, super hot

We ended up f****** all night, she isn't on the pill and I cummed in her loads, she then went back to bed, leaking c**.

Her husband went work in the morning and we f***** all day in bed and have done for over a month now, he's had the snip so a baby will be a shock for him. I've put litres of c** in her I swear, f***** her on his side of the bed yesterday for hours. I even cummed in her mouth mid call to him.

We both love it. Just f***** her before typing this while he's at work and will f*** her again shortly, hi Dan love s******* Kelly and pumping her full with my live load ๐Ÿ˜Š...

Remember when u came home a while ago and I was fixing your PC, you nearly caught us, I blew in her as you came through the door LOL, that's what you get for being a p****, me spunking 10 times a day in your wife

Jun 12, 2020

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