Hubby won’t spank

My hubby won’t give me the spanking I’m craving I want to feel like a naughty girl and be spanked I wanna try ginger or hole spanking it says it feels wrong but I’m begging for it and he won’t do more the one slap on my butt. I wanna feel pinned down and spanked I want my pants forced down panties down cheeks spread over a knee I don’t want little pats I want a spanking what do I do.

Jun 17, 2020

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  • Do you have a girlfriend, BFF that is a little kinky and willing?

  • I went to a party thrown by one of my boyfriend's co-workers. I got a little too drunk and made a pretty bad fool of myself. He was pretty mad and didn't speak to me for a couple of days. I went over to his apartment to say how sorry I was. I pulled a chair from the kitchen table into the living room. I took my under pants off and handed them to him and lifted my skirt all the way up handed him a wooden hair brush and placed myself over his lap in the bad girl position. He gave me a long very painful spanking. I squirmed and wiggled, but I stayed in place. He gave me a couple of welts on the bottom of my bottom between the cheeks and my legs, so it would hurt for a couple of days when I sat down.

  • Ask your husband about taking a lover just for s**. He can watch and help pick him out.

  • I spank my wife but not harshly. When I hear her talking to her ex bf on the phone she knows it's time for punishment. We both get naked and I spank her but not very hard.
    This sends two messages. 1 She's been naughty. 2. She has my "permission" to do it again. Also, when she "mistakenly" says his name she gets spanked or if she tells me how good or nice he is. Now when it's time for another our daughter gets to watch and my wife explains why she's being punished. She tells her that she still has strong feelings for him and she wants to see him. During a spanking my wife often has an o***** and that causes me to have one also.

  • Drop me an email to discuss how I punish my gf

  • What’s ur email


  • Lowercase

  • What is ginger spanking?

  • Sounds like you need to have a serious conversation about needing something outside of your relationship. Then put an add on an appropriate website.

  • I know what you mean. My husband won’t spank me either. He said I am his wife and I love you there for we make love not just have s**.

    Well 15 years ago I invited my BFF into our marriage bed and the three of us have been enjoying it ever since.

    My hubby and I still “make love” when we are alone but a couple times a month my BFF comes over and things get a little wild. My husband goes WILD for her thick flame red bush and her petite body with huge natural b******.

    He F**** her so HARD. It drives me wild. I love watching him go b**** deep into her petite little body and makes her scream for more. When he fills her up with c** I get to lick her clean and if I’m lucky he will enter me from behind. Sometimes I then start to suck on her c*** to drive her wild. My hubby loves hearing her scream for more so he starts to f*** me harder.

    It’s amazing. Sometimes you just have to trick him into be being naughty

  • Would you discreetly f*** a guy on the side

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