Do others think this way?

When i go to the massage/ chiropractor i ALWAYS where sweat pants or shorts. I do this because i love the feeling of them being pulled down over my hips while im laying face down. It makes me feel very vulnerable and exposed back there, though nothing has ever happened i find myself wishing it would. Im a male and it dosent matter to me which s** the therapist is, i just love the feeling it gives me. I get aroused when the pull my pants down, i dont lnow if they are aware. Do others feel this way?

Dec 5, 2012

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  • I love reading stories about feelings i have also. i love having loose pants on that ride down low on my ass. I think most people just think I am not being careful but I intentionally arrange it so I give a little show.

    When I visit my doctor, I wear underwear that is several sizes to big. I let him pull them down to give me the 'guys' ezam up the ass. I know he knows what I am doing as he has remarked that the prostrate exam is 'obviously very easy for me' but he still does it for me every year. I have this great fantasy of him doing me in the exam room. I wish I could suck my doctor off.

  • Or he took advantage...maybe put two fingers in...saying things..."how does that feel".

  • Next time I'm massaging ur lower back ill put a finger in ur butt lol

  • It's never happened but I think if they did / you did.... I would not fight it.I don't know why I get so aroused when they pull my pants over my makes me have the dirtiest thoughts.

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