My Little Secret

I'm a 12 year old girl and I wanted to watch p*** to see what it was and stuff and so I did. For some reason, I started to get really wet and I wanted to put my fingers in me and so I did. It felt really good so I kept doing it and I started to squirt everywhere. I really liked doing it. One time I used my parents d**** without them knowing and they never found out. Anyways, one time when my sister was asleep, ( I share a room with an 8 year old) I went in my closet and started to finger myself. It felt really good so I accidentally let out a low moan. I squirt 3 times in a row. No one knows about this in my family so I have to be carful to keep this a secret.

Jun 22, 2020

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  • I’m a 26yo woman. I began masturbating at 7 b/c I was abused by my uncle. I’ve been counseling troubled teens (mostly girls) for 3 years. Many of my patients admit that they m********* (usually b/c they were abused and feel conflicted about giving themselves the same feeling their abusers gave them) believe me THIS is not the writing of a young girl! 12y/o girls simply do not use language like this. It’s not a style choice, its part of cerebral and emotional development. While there are certainly pre-teen girls who use sexuality to shock others after they have been abused, as a defensive mechanism (especially with older men in positions of authority), that type of behavior would not elicit the desired response here! There is no visual feedback. The type of person who would make up a story like this (as in non-realistic, non-believable) is older and male! Sorry guys, but you have been getting turned on by another man! Also, sorry but medical research has shown “squirting” to be a myth. Likely started b/c some women do loose slight bladder control during the big “O”. (Trying not to get censored). With the proliferation of “p***” on the internet, especially homemade videos, women began to feel pressured by men to “squirt”, so during their “O” they “P” a little. That caused even more videos to feature it. Think about it, if it’s real why didn’t women “squirt” in the 80s or 90s? Totally fake!

  • You are in perfect age to explore your body... wish i could help you

  • If you have a snap, add me at dudebrodudet and we can talk more.

  • What the other poster said, except if I lick it I'm gonna stick it

  • I would love to use my fingers and tongue on you and your little sister

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