why do guys like girls who swallow?

Why do guys always want me to eat their c**? Why cant I spit it out after they squirt? I dont mind them c****** in my mouth but I dont like swallowing. Every guy Ive ever sucked off wants to watch me swallow it. Im 17 and Ive sucked a lot of d****, probably 30 or 40.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You should always make the guy taste his own maybe by kissing right away while it is in your mouth. You may find that you like the idea that you can get a guy to taste other guys, after you come home to him from a night out and after having full s**. You could have a cuckold husband in future while you are free to have...whoever. This idea may appeal or not, but, by such harmless experiences, you can begin to decide your future relationships while you are young. Find out what you could do and also find what will always be beyond your powers.

  • because it feels f****** awesome, and we dont want a nasty pile if c**/spit /vomit near us

  • It is about acceptance. If you swallow you accept them if you spit you don't. Its that simple.

  • Its not VILE you f****** prude. :)
    I do agree with making them taste it though.
    I usually give a guy 1 chance and if he wont put his toungue in my mouth after I give him head... He wont ever put his c*** in there again either.
    Its only fair.
    Plus... I think its f****** hot!!!

  • yeah f*** men! we dont want their dirty discusting tasting c**. Maybe you should taste your own c** before making women taste it. ITS F****** VILE.

  • don't do it if you don't want to.
    you're at least sucking it...... they should be happy with that.
    f****** a*******.

  • lol at "30 or 40" - really, what's with all the fake confessions? you could at least TRY.

    anyhow, consider this: swallowing is cleaner, no mess involved. also, there's a certain satisfaction that comes with planting your seed inside someone else, it's in his nature to feel potent. and then you have the guys that feel like they're marking their territory. s*** goes on. it's a male thing.

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