My addiction

I have a big p*** addiction ive tried everything i can and now i cant take it any more i am a strong beliver in god. i told my gf and now if i look agian shes gonna break up with me.. i dont want that and im scared im gonna slip. i looked at least once a day for abt a year and i tried to stop many times ive told my friends and ive almost lost everything bc of it. plz pray that i dont slip up and everything gets better.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • amen #1!

    thanks for that, i was just reading "random" confessions and i came upon this.. thanks

  • God I've never been so h****. I don't want to f*** anyone because I want to be good and keep my p**** nice sweet and pure for a special man. But I am getting myself off at least 3 times a day this has been going on for over a year. Am I a nempho?

  • P*** is awesome, tell your girlfreind to suck one!

  • Me too-please keep offering advice. I like soft p********** even in thoughts but I feel guilty. I have terrible trouble understanding the Bible & I do well when Christian programming is on but my mind and sometimes Internet searches take me away from my innocence. Sometimes it seems to help but I always feel guilty. I think this message was written directly for me! Perfect timing and everything but I hope people will continue to encourage us away from this horrible addiction. You are not alone! God loves us and doesn't see the sin, but let's keep trying to avoid-thank you so much

  • Ive got the same problem man but know this. When Peter took nhis eyes off Jesus while walking on the water to have a look at the storm coming he fell into the water and just as he was about to drown he called onto Jesus and Jesus picked him up out of the water. Everytime you wanna check some p***, read your bible or try and remember this comment. Focus your attention on God and you will impress Him by ignoring the devil !

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