Dirty questions

F19 I love getting dirty questions from older guys. please ask dirty pervy questions on my askfm username gothweeb.

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  • Can I eat ur ass 35

  • Why haven't you answered our questions yet? You got a 62 year old man with V***** in his hand to get his limpDICKup, and a sick incest lover. You got a food lover who weighs about 600 plus and some nut asking about the sand in your s*****

  • Have you had a dad yet baby girl. U c** like a fuking river. Try it.

  • Only her mom knows who was her dad!

  • Shut theFUCKup incest lover.

  • How much sand do you have in you vajayjay

  • Would you mind if I push a banana in your p**** and eat it by slowly retrieving it by my mouth while stroking your engorged c***? You may add some spurts of pee as you o*****. I would like to use a Jamaican banana - 10" ong with good girth!

  • Do you love it in your a****. I’m 62 and would love to f**** a young a***.

  • Yeh we know your 62 and wants toFUCKanything that moves

  • I’ll f*** u punk

  • Try it grandpa

  • Get that ass lubed and bend over I want tofuck you good boy

  • How much sand is in yourVIGINA

  • It's a guy idiots

  • Would you f*** your dad?

  • What's the longest you would go without showering and still let me eat your dirty p****?

  • Will you allow me to shave your p****? I would love to chat more. I'm M50. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • Hi I’m not the op but I’m interested

  • Do your panties get wet and dirty. Some women never allow their panties to get dirty or stained up. I love dirty panties on a girl. And do u fart around guys. Girls that fart are a big turn on.

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