Clueless. Pitiful. Funny.

For the last several months, my husband has been saying that my p**** seems to be getting more and more stretched out. Of course, he's right, but his ego makes him believe that HE is the one who has been stretching it out, when in fact, the cause has been these two black gentlemen I've been seeing on the side. Of course, he has no clue that I would ever even look at a black guy, much less date one, much less f*** one, much less f*** the two of them together. I don't ever go out with one of them alone, it's always both of them together. And there is always s**. And there is always DP, no matter what. Always. That's the deal and that's the rule: I won't go off and f*** one by himself, but only both. I can't imagine why my husband thinks his really pitiful white d*** could stretch anything, so it's hilarious that he thinks he's such a big-d*** man while his wife is out getting railed by two bruthas who are literally wearing out her p**** and her ass. I think it's really funny. What he's got between his legs is nothing compared to what I'm getting outside my marriage, and if you saw his d***, you would laugh, too.

Aug 4, 2013

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  • Well aren't you just a big w****. Good luck getting involved with the most violent race of people on the planet. Good luck when one of them gets you pregnant and your homeboy decides he isn't going to help you. Look on the bright side, your kid will have a lot of half-siblings around.

  • Do you really love your husband

  • I am a black guy and have been stretching white women's p****** for years.Married ones are my specialty.One married woman I do rode her husband last month in a way she has never done before.She had learned it from me.He asked her how and where she learned that saying"are you practicing with a boyfriend?".She flatly denied it but told me that she felt so guilty that we have met since but had no s** yet.Enjoy the DP,sounds like u have the bruthas hooked and hubby's ego falsely boosted.I enjoy married women who cheat.

  • I as a husband, love men who really satisfy our wives, and if they get your babys wwe will raise them as ours.

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