Tell it like it is .

Politically correct words and phrases need to be replaced with some straight talking . People of colour are n****** , homosexuals are queers . White people need to feel proud of all we've achieved .

Jul 12, 2020

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  • America is a White nation, dont submit to invaders. Whites and Asians are the only ones who built any worthwhile civilization. Jews are trying to tear it down. Jews are the source of the problems.

  • No , no . Jews are smart , hardworking people . God bless each and every one of them .

  • Really???? This is The New China now. You will be slaves soon

  • Prince of pride....we are all just shameful don't kidyourself ...tell it like it is....get right with God. "The end is near"

  • America is doomed

  • Babylon already fell once.

  • You're probably a cuck too you racist cracker good for nothing f*****

  • What!!!, im not your daddy, where is your daddy?
    stop crying to me. i told you i have a wife, im not gay, stop calling me all time.

  • What have you achieved???

  • How about we focus less on what we're "proud" of and focus more on what we all have in common? Such as vulnerability to Covid, as one tiny little example.

    Oh wait, I forgot which species I'm talking to, and which subset of it on this site. All you fools know how to do is screech and fling p00p.

  • And we are all on one side or the other, nothing in between. At least, that's what those who profit from a divided nation are telling us.

  • “We”? Are you hundreds of years old? You did nothing. Don’t take credit for other people’s actions just because you share a pigment.

  • Yeah be a SJW instead and take credit for pretending to care about people with more pigment than you because thats what earns you social media likes

  • Yup. That's basically what p.c. culture is. Just a bunch of virtue signaling yuppies. “Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.” - George Carlin

  • Yup. And trust me, it is far from only MAGATs who believe that. Fox News is desperate to keep the ideological war hot, but most people are somewhere between the two extremes the MSM loves to push. (Fox News is part of the MSM, by the way. Sorry to be the one to tell you)

  • Rebuttal, virtue signaling morons? Yeah, didn't think so.

  • Im white and proud to be. But there's no need for insulting other races etc. You're an idiot

  • I'll agree with you on the race issue totally.
    We are all human regardless of our skin colour, and there is good and bad in people regardless of their colour or their place of birth.
    I do think that political correctness today is a nonsense and people are offended far too easily.
    After all, words are just words, nothing more and nothing less .
    Actions count, words can be ignored.
    When I was young a popular saying :
    " Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me ". People today need to consider what really matters and what actually IS offensive before complaining.


  • Bunch of spoilt rotten little momma cry babies

  • White is Best . Always was . Always will be .

  • Idiot is an idiot

  • F*** u.

  • Political correctness needs to go, but so does the assholishness that gave it reason to exist in the first place.

    I don't think humanity is smart enough to find a middle ground.

  • There's your "telling it like it is". I don't care whether or not you approve.

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