I have been a closet sissy since I was 12 years old I did not know that at that time..... I am now 30..My mother caused it by putting satin sheet on my bed..I got my first real h****** once my c*** touched the satin .the satin sheets were on my bed for a month I had j*** off every day and the sheets must have been stained .....My mom then put on regular sheets on my bed omg I missed the satin sheets so much I use to j*** off every morning and at night because of the great feeling I got from the satin against my body . after a few days I needed that feeling again of satin or silk I went looking for the sheets but never found them..BUT I did find a draw in my moms room full to the top with panties ,slips, nighties, bras, and other girly things some things I had no I dear what they were ..I took a lot of things as it looked liked that draw was not used much older things she had newer thing in top draw I left them alone.for the next few years 12 to 14 I just dress up in girly the attic when no one was home the feeling of silk all over my body more and more and more and jerked off ..but once I hit 15 and dated girls it became a sexual thing..and I would steal my girl friends panties from the bathroom hamper mostly panties if they were silk from any house I was in I would check the hamper I went on the computer looking for pictures of men in panties .when I was 16 or 17 and started jerking off to those pictures hard c**** in panties and found out I was not alone...then I realised i was getting turned on by mens c**** and started to watch guys giving blow jobs and that is when I realized how hard I got looking at blow jobs and me jerking off to men and wanted to do the same thing suck a c***..that was the day I became a sissy loving satin ,silk and c*** feeling girly ...I have been a clos iwas all because of a satin et sissy ever since but have never sucked a c*** I am married with two daughters ..I am BI also..I have to get out there I want to be with a man so bad he can f*** me and I would suck his c*** and lick his butt anything he would want,,,...And it all was because of the satin sheet thanks Mom

Jul 13, 2020

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  • I would love to f*** u and have you suck my c*** while wearing silk panties

  • Oh yes me too when he was 12 fuckinghis lovely tightpussy and wan king hiscock

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