I love my boyfriend but he’s a softy

My boyfriend is really sweet but he’s a bit of a softy. I’m 19 and he’s 21.

He’s a real gentle soul which is adorable sometimes. He melts over the way I look the when my hair is in a messy bun with a sweat shirt on way more than when I spend hours getting dressed. He’ll say “you have such beautiful natural blond hair” as he twirls it in his hands and smells it and says I have gorges eyes. He does genuinely like the way I dress.

It’s really hard to fight with him because I feel like a b**** after sometimes because he respectfully listens and tries to work things out. He understands me which is something my other two boyfriends haven’t as much.

I try to be mindful not to eat too much but he says that it would break his heart if I don’t eat to get slimmer so he’ll cook big meals for me (pancakes, burgers, whole grane muffins). We go on walks after to burn the calories. He’ll take me to sit under specific trees that he likes which is funny to me.

He’ll text or call me out of nowhere and ask me how I’m feeling or just what’s on my mind which is sweet. He understands me in a way a lot of people don’t.

He loves cuddling so much. I’ve tried to make a move on him but he’ll just want to cuddle. He wants to play board games and cards with me which is cute but a childish. He never goes on his phone when he’s with me. He forgets where he puts it and gets a little bothered if I go on mine too much.

He hates partying and drinking which is extra annoying because he’s 21 and can get us all booze.

He says he has a lot of addiction in his family and never wants to get into the habit of drinking because he doesn’t want to become an alcoholic (dramatic but understandable).

He’s really good at s** but he’s super super gentle. He says “I know how to pleasure my woman” which is hot but or else I wish he was more rough. I hate my nipples but he loves them. Ironically, he gets off on me hitting him hard when I’m “the boss” of him and likes to spank me too.

He’ll pick flowers and give them to be with this adorable little grin on his face.

He’ll cuddle with his stuffed animal in front of me which is adorable and a little childish. He sleeps on a couch and always has his sleeping stuff there so he’ll discreatly grab his bunny sometimes when we’re watching Netflix.

It’s too soon to tell if he’s “the one” but we’ll be together for a lot longer. My friends love him and he doesn’t flirt with them at all but they get along really well.

Jul 13, 2020

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  • If you want a g******* so bad, h***, just tell him so and go get banged. A girl with your appetites can surely handle several men. ENJOY!!

  • He is perfect.
    Don't go for anybody else.Should you want rough s**,tell him.To change over to somebody else just because he is very smart is not prudent as that person is a narcissist.

  • How nasty is your mum?

  • I love my boyfriend but he's a lefty. Big Bernie Sanders supporter. I hate his politics but I love his d***. I should of never went to bed with him to start with. Now I can't stop f****** him. Eventually he'll probably insist that I leave my husband so I can marry him and I will have no choice but to do just what he says. With the d*** he has on him, he gets what he wants. The problem is that right now he doesn't know I'm 44, he doesn't know I have a child his age (who lives in another state), and he doesn't know I virtually always vote republican even though I am a registered democrat. It's a mess. But I can't give up that D***!

  • Ewwww republican. to the nursing home you go

  • The dilemma serves you right . . . . .ADULTERER!! FORNICATOR!!!! SINNER!!!!!!!! TRASH BAG!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yet another judgmental MAGAT looking down their nose at a woman in distress. Figures.

  • He does not have attractive qualities. He is not a man and the nice guy thing is an act. Seriously, move on. He acts that way because he is weak but the pressure valve will open sooner or later and he will snap. If you're there it is very likely you will be the target. I am not joking, get away from him. This is such a common scenario. Keep an eye out for manipulative behavior, like the thingsyou described that he does that ultimately make you feel bad. 'Nice guys' are rarely nice and even of they are, they are too weak to be a worthy mate.

  • Brought to you by some "macho man" who cries himself to sleep because Mommy didn't love him enough. Sit down, boy.

  • Shut up judgemental a hole

  • Why not be assertive of your desires...role play to express and let out his frustrations on you...let him know it turns you on. Sounds like you are the immature problem.

  • You'll probably dump him, because you're dumb.

  • SOunds about right.

  • You want someone who will beat your ass everyday instead?

  • Cuck

  • This is adorable! I hope you guys have really happy times

  • Yes. Forever

  • How nasty is your mom?

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