The Sugar Sack (A FUPA kind of Love)

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my Supersize BBW Friend with Benefits. Jackie is the most Sexually Oriented Woman I have ever met, We "Make out" like a Couple of Teenagers, When she Sucks My C*** its way more than just head bobbing, her tongue can unscrew the Head and work on the wires! She makes Eye Contact and knows exactly how to pleasure me. She always Swallows. When We F*** its warm and wet, I Love laying on her and feeling us move together, it makes me think of Warm Pacific Waves Breaking on a Tropical Island Shore. She has amazing Vaginal Muscle Control and can Grip my C*** with almost the pressure of a hand. We give each other mind blowing, Leg Shaking O****** She can make the sweat pour off me!

She isn't self Conscious of her Belly, she says she just doesn't seem to have any self control, she IS self conscious of her Fat FUPA P****, Its Huge and looks like a DD B*** hanging between her Legs. She told me she hates the look of it and said a Guy once took her home from a Party once and she got on the Bed Doggie Position and "shook it a little", looked over her shoulder and he had "The Deer in the Headlights" look and said he had to leave, he forgot something.

To make her feel better about herself I call it "The Sugar Sack" (Its literally like a bag of sugar) and during foreplay I give it lots of squeezing and kneading, the Cleft is deep, like 4 fingers deep, but at the bottem she's like every woman, Soft, Big Inner L**** and Clitty Hood, a firm plump Clitty Button that stands up when you stimulate it. She told me she hadn't had much Oral done to her, all of it when she was younger and lighter but the men she knew didn't do it very well. I told her I like a Challenge.

We met for our regular "F*** Night" and I had her light a couple candles, We kissed standing next to her bed and then undressed, she's a very big girl with a huge Ass and Belly. I had her sit on the edge of the bed and I put a pillow on the floor to kneel on, I put my hands under her fat Thighs, lifted them and told her to lay back and hold her Tummy up. as she did I found my self Face to (Face?) with her Huge P**** Mound. I kissed it softly all over to make her relax, then I took it in both hands and spread it open with my thumbs. Then I took a deep breath and pressed my face into the slit and I licked it up its length. She Gasped and I felt her thighs jump and quiver like she was fighting closing her Legs. I came up for air and got another breath, Her C*** was musky and warm but freshly scrubbed. then I did it again...slowly. I kept doing it ...breathing between licks. It was nice to turn the Tables a bit and be in control of her pleasure. I wanted to get farther in and I took a breath and went further in, I found her Inner L**** and Clitty and gently sucked them into my mouth and gave them tongue swirlies as I sucked. She Literally Bellowed out a Huge Groan and Clamped my Head so tight between her fat legs my ears rang, I could feel my Pulse in my Head and I had to stop to get her to open them! I joked and said "Like that?" she said "What are you doing to me!"

I now had 2 tricks to deal to her and in between I found her Hole and pee hole and the tip of my tongue explored them both. My Face and Chin were getting wet and glazed and I could feel thick warm cream spreading into the Cleft, She was making some a lot of noise but I only heard it when I came up for Air. I kept dealing the tricks, especially the C*** Sucks and Tongue Swirlies and she Arched up Quickly and Said "OHMYGOD!!!!" and Clamped my Head again and I kept sucking...and then something Wild Happened! I was sucking and my Mouth began to fill with Warm Water! It was DEFINITELY Not P*** was just warm slightly salty water and all I could do was Swallow it.

I came up and laid next to her and she grabbed me and hugged me and started crying..I kept asking if she was ok and she kept shaking her head yes but kept crying. when things settled down she told me..."I hope you don't mind but I have a serious crush on you"

I played it off and said "Well that certainly makes things easier for Me"...but I wonder if this is going to get messy

Aug 10, 2020

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