I'm a 47 year old divorced, single male. My mother and I have always been close, with my mother living only a few miles from my home. A little over a month ago my stepfather who was 81 passed away. Since then I have been speaking to my mother by phone, and stopping over daily. I even stay the night a few days a week to keep my mother company, since she has been very depressed.
A few weeks ago when I was staying the night at my mother's, she was feeling very depressed, and when it was time for bed she asked me if I would sleep with her that night. I didn't think anything about it, and slept with her that night. I woke sometime in the early morning hours to find myself spooned up again my mother's backside. I wasn't sure if it was me or my mother that moved during the night, but I quickly noticed I was hard, and my erection was firmly planted up against my mother's ass. Afraid I would wake her to find us in such a compromising position, I slowly moved away, but my mother just pulled me closer, and wiggled her butt until my erection was firmly planted between the folds of her ass cheeks until only a thin layer of fabric prevented my c*** from going any further.
At this point my heart was racing, and my c*** began to throb uncontrollably between my mother's ass as we laid there in the dark. Slowly, my mother began to press back against my throbbing erection as I began to panic inside. What if she woke up and realized what she was doing unconsciously in her sleep?! I just laid there paralyzed with fear as my mother slowly grinded against my erection until I was as hard as a rock, before she reached behind her, and grabbed my c*** with her back to me. She positioned me at her entrance, and slowly rocked back and forth until I slid inside her almost effortlessly.
At that point I knew my mother had to be awake, or at least half awake anyways as she placed my hand on her beast, and began humping back again me until I came. When she heard me groaning, my mother pulled herself closer to me until I was finished. We laid in that position for a while until I went soft, and fell out of my mother's soaked v*****. My mother just rolled over and went back to sleep as if nothing had happened, while I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I went back to bed with my mother, hoping tomorrow morning she wouldn't wake up upset about what we had done during the night, only to find myself on top of my mother a few hours later that morning. This time it was obvious my mother was awake, as she asked me to c** inside her. Afterwards, we both got out of bed and got cleaned up, but didn't say a word about what we had done.
Later that morning, I got out of bed before my mother and made some coffee for us. I wasn't sure what was going to happen when my mother woke up, and came to the realization we had just had s** twice last night. When she did wake up, my mother wished me good morning, went straight for her coffee, and then we talked as if nothing has happened. I'm not sure why, I'm sure it was on both our minds. We went the whole day hanging out like any normal mother and son, but when it was time for bed later that night, she asked if I wanted to sleep in her bed again.
I knew at that point, my mother was well aware of what she was doing, so slept in her bed again the next night, except this time my mother initiated six with me. This time we talked about what we were doing, and how we felt about it, and agreed if nobody knew, what did it matter. Its been over a month now since this all began and we are still sleeping together almost nightly. We have even been having s** during the day time now, and its all getting to feel pretty normal for us. It certainly isn't like your typical boyfriend girlfriend relationship, but we can't seem to keep our hands off each other now.
I'm not sure where all this is going but my mother and I are enjoying this taboo relationship that's begun, and something tells me its more than just s** for us!

Aug 11, 2020

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  • I had a total crush on my stepmom. My Father had left us early so it was just her and I my teen years. I would wear tight shorts hoping to arouse her,even did some flirting. It was sort of a game with us,she would flirt back but nothing really happened until one day she had a guy over she had been seeing.
    I was jealous of him anyway then I heard them fighting and went to see what was going on.
    She had ordered him to leave but wouldn't and I got between ready to fight him and he sort of slapped/punched me knocking me out cold.

    When I woke up she was bending over me,had wet my face with water and asking if I was ok.
    He was gone and finally I sat up with a sore jaw. She had a short dress on and the way she sat next to me on the grass I saw everything between her legs.
    Tight pink panties hugging her hairy mound and it was easy to see a slight wet spot .
    I got very hard which she noticed and as we talked her hand moved up my thigh and soon touched my hard c***.
    She helped me up but I still was dizzy and now with an erection too I made only a few steps then fainted.
    Long story short we ended up in bed having wonderful s**

  • This is awesome

  • Awesome...

  • I understand your feelings well.
    I was 67 and making sure my mother was being well taken care of in her retirement care facility. It cost 9K a month! But there were nurses and even a doctor should she need one.
    I visited her every couple of days and grew to confide in her that I had an "urge" that needed to be taken care of; would she mind if I showed her what I meant. She said yes and I stood up to show her my half erect p**** as I unzipped.
    I would walk around her room being careful no nurses came in, which they never did.
    She did ask that I not j*** in front of her, but I could go to the bathroom which she could look into (and did) when I was masturbating into the sink.
    I masturbated to o***** in front of her in my car too.
    One week before she passed on, she was lying in bed and I was standing next to her right arm when I gently thrust my clothed p**** forward and backward without saying anything.
    She reached up to put her opened right hand on top of my clothed p**** and shook her hand up and down while smiling brightly at me. It was her way of saying she approved of my physical need to o*****.
    After she had passed on, I went back to her room to clean out the last of her belongings and under the bed up next to the wall I found about five empty little jars of Vaseline. She had been an active masturbator herself that's for sure.
    I will always be grateful to her for allowing me to share my sexual feelings with her and think had the circumstances been right, I could have inserted into her.
    I say that because when I was a teenager masturbating in bed one night, she quickly opened the door to say, "Caught ya!".
    I only wish she had come on in to talk about sexual relief and maybe even straddled me, as I laid on my back in bed, to show me, "Just this one time - and don't tell your father..." how my p**** would feel as it slid into a wet v***** - frequent masturbatory fodder over the years.

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