to be interesting.

places i want to have s**:
1) on my high school football field
2) on a hill (after taking a hike)
3) in the back of a car (and/or on top of a car)
4) on a beach in the rain
5) in a treehouse

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Or at the police station, too

  • The treehouse idea sounds nice..

  • 1.) I f***** a cheerleader, so did half the football team, so I think that's close enough to qualify.
    2.) On a hill overlooking the ocean. High enough elevation that the passing traffic didn't notice her riding me cowgirl style.
    3.) I've lost rack of how many times I've done it in a car. I don't think I've ever done it on a car though.
    4.) On a beach, on the sand, in the water, in the public showers, but I usually run like h*** when it rains so i don't killed by lightning.
    5.) Never been in a tree house. But we had a clubhouse that was little more than a tiny cave in the side of a hill, that was infamous for fornicating.

    you should shoot for these:
    6.) In a BurgerKing Bathroom. They are usually single occupant and the door locks.
    7.) In the p*** section of a video store. If there are male clerks on duty they aren't going to stop you.
    8.) In the woods. You mihgt as well f*** in the great outdoors at least once. watch out for mosquiots.

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