Crashed car on xanax and alcohol

Last Sunday I was drinking vodka all day and took a handful of pills my sister gave me just for the fun of it long story short I got in my car for some reason made it halfway down the street crashed into a parkparked car and flipped over. Wasn't hurt ended up in jail now my life is pretty much over everyone has lost all respect for me. Anyone out there with any advise?

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  • You don't know how damn lucky you are. I knew a woman who was on illegal prescriptions meds including xanax and she ran over two men changing a tire. She killed one and the other lost a leg.

    She spent twelve years in prison for that. Since you haven't killed anyone and were not involved in an accident just thank your lucky stars.

    You life is far from over just don't do something stupid like this anymore.

  • Thankfully no one was hurt or killed, including you. Your life is far from over. You just made a bad decision and need to deal with the consequences. Just do whatever you need to do and make things right. Seriously, be grateful it could be a whole lot worse. Just look at this as your opportunity to get out there and kick butt. When people see you making efforts you will earn their respect again. .and most importantly for yourself. Not everything bad that happens has to lead to further bad things. Lesson learned. Best of luck to you.

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