ALL women...

ALL women want to be violently f***** and treated like whores! ALL WOMEN!!! They love it! Mark my words, fellas. That's why, when it comes to women, nice guys finish dead last!



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  • *glug glug glug*

    Mmm... the bitter tears of a basement dwelling mama's boy. Delicious

  • Sorry a****** but you are wrong. My current wife loves it rough but my first wife would have freaked out. Every woman is unique.

  • Not me. I want to save for marriage. I want a nice guy, cos I'm not looking for s**, I'm looking for personality.

  • Well then you shouldn't worry about finishing last

  • I wonder if his Dad was a nice guy, or a rapist? Might explain a lot. Bitter b******.

  • No they don't you n** head. Stop being such a sad git and get over whoever it was that turned you down because of how repulsive you are.

  • Yeah but at least when nice guys finish, they're not "finishing" in the last girl they'll f*** before being sent off to prison to be ass raped by 3 inmates... don't drop the soap, love.

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