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Just curious as to how many women on here have cheated at a bachelorette party? If you have who was it with( stripper, stranger, ex bf)? I work in an office with a bunch of young women and the stories I hear are crazy!

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  • What are some of the stories you heard? We need details.

  • I agree with the 16yr old. The ultimate pain is betrayal. I've never cheated but know how it feels from previous relationships. I wouldn't want to cause that pain on my husband.

  • You know, almost all you people on here make me sick. I'm only sixteen and have better morals than all of you. I only came across this site by a little link on Facebook and it wasnt a minute until I came across a post about cheating. I honestly don't know how you people deal with yourselfs. I've been in a relashonship for almost two years and if rather kill myself than ever cheat. I could never hurt her like that or keep a secret like that from her. I know she feels the same and I know she couldn't keep it from me if she did, as soon as id find out thatd be the end. So f*** all of you cheaters on here. Get your life together. Tell your spouse. Stop cheating, or at least break it off with one of them so it isn't cheating. I hope you feel like the worst person in the world, because you are.

  • What you say is right, but ranting on this site is not going to change anything or anyone's behavior. Besides, a huge percentage of these stories are harmless fantasy. You don't really think there's all these weddings where the minister and the half the family bang the bride, do you?

    The secret to enjoying the internet is to believe what turns you on, and disbelieve any story you don't like. Once you can do that, you'll be a happy surfer.

    Now get off your high horse, and go back to spanking it. By the way, every guy I know who found his wife or girlfriend had cheated on him said the same thing as you right up until he found out. It's like the phrase, don't worry the gun isn't loaded. Everybody with an accidental discharge says that, and some of them are wrong.

  • Dear 16 year old, keep spreading the word about these mentally sick disturbed people on here, there are still alot of nice people left in the world, and your one of them....half of these people will probably end up in jail one day anyway by the sounds of what they write about disturbing sexual activities, so dont worry about them, let them pay for their sins and evil with bad karmic punishments

  • Dear Sixteen year old kid,

    I agree with you. This site makes me sick, and it's the one and only time I'll be here.

    You have a better conscience than people twice your age. I hope there are more people like you.

    Good bless you
    21-year old guy

  • My friend you are living in a virtual world. people chaet and probably right now your perfect girl is getting humped by two guys...its the reality, you are the kind of guy who trusts so much that when you realize you have been cheated n you kill your girlfriend or commit suicide

  • My future sister in law was my chaperone on my hen night, she was there to make sure I didn't go with another guy, I didn't she seduced me straight in to her bed.

  • I love having s** with married to be ladies they just love to take it soo hard I could do with one now. Any offers?

  • Yes, mine was a club doorman, he was in his 40's, very handsome and black (my first black guy)I was 29 and two days before my wedding.

  • Did you enjoy s** with him more than your husband? Was he bigger!

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