A Theory that I Have

For most of my life I've been a Democrat because Republicans seem racist (I'm black). I've noticed that black people are called "vulnerable" in the media now adays which is insulating. I would rather be called a thug than vulnerable; Its a burn instead of a stab. I have a new theory about Democrats now.

Based on things I've learned in my Psychology and History classes at university, I think that one of the reasons why Democrats enthesise the importance of diversity is because they want all of the races to mate with each other until we turn into one. This is called "ethnic cleansing." I think its so they can use being morally superior as a way to enforce a set of ideals and make everyone believe them.

In China they try really hard to keep outside influences out because they're not diverse at all which makes it easier to make everyone believe in the same thing. Lol men with skin like chocolate are my favorite anyways.

Aug 31, 2020

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  • Just remember democrats didn't want to let slavery go, it was the Republican party that were against slavery.
    Also, look at the democratic run states, those cities and ask yourself how much the dems really care about you or anyone else black or any minority for that matter. Shootings constantly and they don't do s***.
    Lastly look at the Republican candidates prior to most recent elections. Women, black, hispanic...unlike the dems who were mainly old white guys.
    I am black and damn proud to consider myself a reformed Democrat. Trump has done more in 4 years than most other Presidents have in 8 and that includes my homie Obama who i voted for each and every time.
    Biden? Come on. Lol. He has had plenty of years to "fix things" and hasn't.

  • It’s not the ‘oneness’ of race that makes Chinese easier to control, it’s their unified subscription to (or subjugation under) communism. Same in Russia. Not to mention the fact they have a completely different culture (collectivist). And how does the comparison make sense? China are actively trying to keep foreigners out, the dems are actively trying to mix them... and that makes them comparable? Your post is not thought out at all.

  • This is the dumbest s*** I’ve read in a long time. Also look up the definition of ‘ethnic cleansing’

  • Yeah yeah, everything any white person says EVER is "wrong," we get it. It's boring by now. And before you start wetting your panties over my political party, it's Independent. Extremists have taken over both sides, just like they have in race matters. It's just a bunch of entitled fucktards screaming back and forth at each other now, while sane people just roll their eyes and occasionally call you losers out for what you are.

  • You are a f ucking idiot!!! What in the h*** has democrates done for black people? Exactly not a damn thing f uck u trash !!!! T Rump 2020

  • Well, who could possibly argue with such a rational and well-reasoned comment like that... But what else can you expect from someone who thinks an orange man-baby with several brain diseases is capable of running anything.

  • More so than biden who can't think for himself and needs a teleprompter to coach him along.
    Anyone that plans on voting for biden should first look up the bills the man passed in 40 years and then look at what Trump has in 4.

  • LOL@ MAGAts who just can't let go of their obsession with teleprompters, especially when even a basic Google search shows them right up in the orange grill of their Dear Leader. Not that he can be bothered to read them, along with any form of news other than Fox or information that pertains to his public service job.

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