I’m not a lesbian but..

I’ve always wanted a woman to lick my p****. I watch lesbian p*** and always get off to it. I get so wet thinking about a woman licking my p****, kissing my c*** and fingering me.



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  • Your post caught my but not quite what I want. I want insight to how to make it happen and is it the right thing.
    I am young enough to know what goes on. So sad that nothing is going on with me. I want s**. Period. I even thought about putting P-Bttr on psy for dog. Not happening, but I do fantasize about my friend. We have chatted about declaring any s**, just to be with the other. She and I agreed we like REAL males. So we are changing into swim suits at the same time and i am thinking why is your lips hairless. Her lips were fat and c*** protruded. I am ashamed but it was not normal. So now I am even more abnormally h**** as I am drawn to a fat toe and she is in a swim suit. I am so wanting her now that I forget where it all started. This is the first girl I wanted to s**. I want to explore but she is my friend and I do not have courage to tell

  • Stop dreaming start doing. nothing wrong with it. fulfill your dream get friends close by who share the same dream.

  • Amen At least I tried. I left too much putty behind

  • If you want to have s** with someone of the same gender. You are not necessarily homosexual, you could be bisexual or pansexual.

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