Stretching them Greatly

Ok so I enjoy stretching a woman’s p****. I don’t mean some 8” long d****. I’m talking about 8” girth towards the beginning of my stretching relationships with these insatiable relationships. I’ve stretched several and every single one of them, skeptical at first possibly, but they all led to o****** like they didn’t think possible and an addiction they are still indulging in.
Most men get jealous or feel insecure but I find it incredibly erotic and there’s nothing like fisting a beautiful woman’s p**** and then shoving your c*** alongside said fist. Need more tightness to get off during s**, then start shimming her huge p**** with giant d***** until that tightness is achieved. I’m serious. Need references?
I don’t care how big a guy is in the c*** department. There is no man alive that is remotely the size of what a p**** can stretch too.
I enjoy ruining p****** and making them mine, and nothing like using a woman’s p****. But more importantly, when they beg for what most people don’t even know is possible...gets us both off.

Sep 15, 2020

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  • I love to see my wife stretched by other men's big d****.

  • Had an ex that was eight and a half inches and fat, that was enough stretching for me.

  • I can now push an entire length of 500 mm coke bottle, its little bit narrow mid-section clamps well in my stretched p****!

  • I know what you mean.

    My hubby of 24 years is just over 8 inches long but only just under 6 inches circumference. It’s just not satisfying any more. I want to be STRETCHED. But not with a toy. I want a wide c***

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