You Can't Put an Age on Love

he's what i've been looking for... what some would call 'Mr. Perfect,' and he's perfect by my standards.

he's intelligent, caring, intriguing, hilarious beyond reason, and always a listening ear. his eyes are warm and his smile blows me away. he's one of those happy-go-lucky laid-back kind of guys, but he still manages to be busy and productive, too.

the thing is, no one knew about us. it was too risky, too dangerous for the both of us if anyone found out.

the reason for that: i was sixteen, and he was twenty-two.

it's nothing like anyone would think, though. we never had s** or anything like that. we loved each other. we just loved each other, cared about each other, talked, had a strong connection. we were in love...

my parents found out... i don't know how, but they were too freaked out to let me explain that nothing bad was going on and they called the cops on him...

i had to watch him stand in front of a judge and plead guilty to crimes he did not commit, and see him walk away in handcuffs...

i haven't spoken to my parents since, and i can still remember my last words to them after he'd been escorted out of the courtroom:

"I hate you... i'll ALWAYS hate you!"

and they said, "What did you want us to do, huh? Just stand by and let an older guy take advantage of you? We were thinking about you!"

i shook my head at them... "You can't put an age on love..." and i walked away.

i haven't seen him in four years... i don't even know if he'd still love me after what my parents did... but i know that i still love him. i always will..

Jul 8, 2010

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  • 6 years ... i'm dating someone who's 6 years older... is that wrong? i don't think so. my friend is engaged to someone 12 years older.... sh'es 18 that's wrong in my opinion

  • that sucks.

  • but u were sixteen that doesnt even matter if u guys didnt have s**.. thats stupid. find him.

  • BS on the fact that i'm still in love and that ANY of that actually happened? i call BS on you for being insensitive

  • this story needs to be made into a movie. i've heard it so many times, and it's almost romeo-juliet-esque. i hope you guys find your way to each other soon.

  • Awww. IM sorry

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