i miss her...

I am a Department of Defense empoyee. A few years ago, I was sent to perform some defense advisory duties at the U.S. emabassy in Manila in the Philippines. I got there and I rented a house in a village just outside of Manila. What's cool about the Philippines is that you can hire the locals as live-in maids. Alot of these folks are not educated and will work for just room and board. But I ended up hiring this 13-year-old filipino girl from the countryside to be my live-in maid for 30 U.S. dollars a month plus room and board. BIG MISTAKE!!! Because she lived with me and my place wasn't that big, I was always seeing her in various stages of undress, sometimes even naked (well, when I was peaking in on her). I ended up f****** this girl like nobody's business. We were drinking together one friday evening (I was plying her with the local wine) and we both got pretty tipsy. I've always had a fetish for teenage girls, and here I had one who was my live-in maid who depended on me, completely. So I made a move on her. At first she resisted and said no. She said she was saving herself for some boy she liked back in her home-village. But I went ahead and forced the issue, so-to-speak. I got her skirt off and got her panties off. And, once I started f****** her, she got into it and she started liking it. It was really hot! The next day, she seemed a little depressed so I said she didn't have to do any housework that day and she just stayed in bed all day. But, that night (after a few drinks) I went into to her room and had her again. It was great! The whole time I was there, I f***** this girls brains out! I ended up hiring this other filipino woman to actually do the house-work (she wasn't a live-in, though) just so I could f*** this girl. She was my "girlfriend" for the rest of the time I was there (about 2 years). I actually offered to initiate adoption procedures so she could come back to the U.S. with me when it was time for me to leave but she said she didn't want to come with me. That hurt my feelings, a little, I have to say. But I did give her 300 bucks so she wouldn't be totally destitute. Man, do I miss her.

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  • u are a freak !! lol

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