Hey, so im a 24yr old female. I dont really have any friends I can share this with,( that won't judge me) and I would really like want to atleast tell someone. So here goes....
Last night I was hanging out at my besties house(male), with a bunch of his buddies. We were all getting drunk and for some reason p*** was playing in the one bedroom and I ended up going to watch it. I started making out with this one guy and things were getting hot. Then next thing I know all five guys are in the room touching and rubbing my body. I kinda just want with it. Was nice feeling all those hands all over me. Still kissing the one guy I start to feel them grab my hands and put them on there bodies. Things got really hot! Then next thing I know I have all there junk out and I'm sucking them all off. And giving up everything. Im normally not like this and only been with a few guys. But could not help myself. Kinda regreting it this morning, but was still fun. I dont remember if all of them had s** with me but I know I did take all five loads on my face and mouth. Just needed to let someone know.

Sep 27, 2020

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