Oh glory

I stopped off at a rest stop this afternoon. And found one of the stalls had a gloryhole in it. Never thought id have the nerve. But the person on the other side was there for just that. He told me to give it to him. I finished my leak and put it in the hole. At first I thought the worst like it was gonna get chopped off or something. Then I felt his warm lips on it. I've never been with a man before but would never turn down a bj. Lol. Was the best head I've ever gotten. I'm fairly endowed and he didnt hesitate to take it all. As I stood there, face up agaist the partition wall all i could feel was that warm mouth moaning as he devoured all 10 inches. Just before I was about to finish, I started to pull away and he grabs the shadt and holds me there as he continues to suck. Wanting every drop in his mouth he sucks and sucks taking my whole load before letting me go. And before I can say a word he thanx me and I hear him leave. I wont know who he looks like but I will definitely remember that mouth/throat.

Sep 27, 2020

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  • Glad you had a good time!

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