Gay Problems

I really need my bf to c*m inside me yet I'm scared of aids ¿?

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  • I met someone:

  • Get aids

  • Condoms ruin all the intimacy of the act of love. Feel the meat! You gotta feel the meat!!

  • You should tell him he can have you unprotected, but the two of you have to go together and get tested. Once you get results, tell him he can feed his hose into you and turn on the spray. EVERY DAY!

  • Stay scared. Just because it's not in the news all the time, doesn't mean it's no longer a threat. It just takes one time with someone who has been unfaithful or with a stranger and either they know and don't tell you, or lie because they just don't care. Always know your partners prior to sleeping with them. If he's been your bf for 3 weeks, definitely use a condom. But to stay safe, stay monogamous and get tested every 6 months.

  • See that's your problem! Don't do something that you'll regret later on ! Get tested and love yourself bro!

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