UK Mother in-law

Me and my family have been staying at the in-laws for several months as we are having major renovation work done on our house in the UK. My mother in-law is in her mid-sixties and I wont bore you with how it started (don't want to cringe anyone out too much LOL!) But when we are alone in her house together we get completely naked and play with each other. I have not f***** her in the p**** yet, she is still a bit reluctant to do that although she is okay with fingers going in. We both just love how taboo it all is!
She has an average body for her age, big saggy t***, a droopy but incredibly soft and wobbly bum that I love squeezing. She lets me rub by c*** up and down her p**** lips and c*** and she pinches her nipples until she comes. We have also rubbed olive oil all over ourselves and rubbed our bodies together standing in the kitchen. There were a couple of times I have placed a tablet with pictures displaying my naked wife next to the pillow while I titty f***** my mother in-law. She was not overly keen on this (I mean, who wants to see pictures of their kids while doing stuff like this...I get it) but she let me do it is such a hot thing to be looking at a nude picture of your wife when with another woman.
I love our sessions together, even if she doesn't allow p**** (well...hopefully one day) anyone else in a similar situation?

Oct 7, 2020

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  • Keep enjoying her but be carefull you are not caught

  • There is nothing like the taboo.

    A few years ago my son brought his uni girlfriend home. I knew straight away she was into me. I resisted. When I finally caved - BEST S** ever. It was naughty and fun. She was a chubby metal chick with fat t**s. There is something about the taboo. I f**ked her on my sons birthday. I did it on purpose. And loved it.

    That bit with picture of your wife as hold her mothers t**s. Well done for that sir. Keep pushing those limits.

  • ....p.s continued from reply below.

    I'll even show you the pictures of my wife I used I when titty f****** the mother in law.

  • Let's chat about your experience with your sons girlfriend and I about my mother in law.

  • Pushing the limits is what it is all about my friend, I completely understand why you f***** your sons girlfriend on his birthday.
    I wish more people would do stuff like this. Very hard to explain the chemical reaction the body goes through when you feel that 'taboo rush' and it overwhelms you to the point you lose all inhibitions, the light headedness, the butterflies in the stomach, the immense sexual arousal....its insane. It's one thing being extremely aroused but it is altogether a different experience when it is also 'taboo'.

    For example, I would love to see another man f*** my wife, I would be so aroused. But what makes me feel even 'more' aroused is imagining our 60+ year old chauffeur who drove the car on our wedding day f****** my wife senseless on our wedding night. I just stand aside and watch this old (slightly overweight) man all over my young wife, she still in her white wedding lingerie, him pulling her hair savagely, slapping her t*** and pounding her like a sweaty rabid dog, consummating my marriage for me!

  • Your so lucky, I'd love to do the same with my mother in law.

  • OP here.... trust me, you wont regret it. I get so turned on with my mother in-law because we both know it's just so wrong on so many levels. My c*** goes as hard as solid post! It's not like she will blackmail you!

    I live handling the soft squishy skin of my mother in-law....especially when I lay on top of her and we kiss. She loves having her nipples sucked and linched, drives her wild!

  • She sounds really naughty!

  • OP here, Oh, trust is very very naughty!

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