Trans man

Im a trans man who recently started testosterone, and i get so turned on by my big fat c***. Its growing so much - i used to have a really small one - and now i just want to watch someone suck on it. Every time i look at it i have to rub one out because its so f****** hot. I fantasize about rubbing it in public and have even had to m********* in my car. The T makes me constantly h**** and i just want to drill someone with my new strap on and then sit on their face.

Oct 10, 2020

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  • There is no such thing as a trans man. You are just a dude who like to dress up as a woman...its called a fetish

  • ^ This right here. The vocal ones take it from fetish to mental illness.

    Also, r3tard troll OP, taking hormones doesn't mean you spontaneously sprout a c***.

    Good job on making trans people look even more mentally unstable than they are, though. High up!

  • This bullshit "confession" and the fact that every other idiot under 25 loudly and desperately claims they're "trans" is the reason real trans people aren't taken more seriously.
    Exactly like with autistic people, for every one person who really is that way you've got at least 150 losers frantically looking for a reason to stand out or to justify their failing at life. They're always much more vocal than the real sufferers who are just trying to get through the day.

  • Too bad you can't edit on here. Meant to say that OP didn't say SHE was sprouting a c***, but SHE very much wants anyone reading this crap to believe SHE is actually male. That's assuming it wasn't some dumb bored adolescent boy, which is what most posters on this site are.

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