Love? please?

I just wish someone loved me. Real love. I want a guy who is chivalris. Not only that but I want friends who actually care for me. I hate being the friend that no one likes. I just want someone outside of y family who really cares about me. Is that so much?

Jun 2, 2011

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  • I've enjoyed real love for over 10 years now. We're best friends, we've got each other's backs, the s e x is amazing, and when we argue we focus more on resolution than on "being right." Neither of us are gorgeous or rich, but we've got what most people pretend to have. Jealous much, honey? :)

  • You can love yourself and know you are really good and understand also that chivalry is a dream or movie script . But you can find mature, intelligent , respectful men and women to be around . A Man whom is mature will love you and love making money for you , and love your children , and love each day with you , he will love making love to you and love his life with you . But find intelligence , maturity , and respect , attraction starts the chemistry , but if he does not have this , it is not real .

  • you should start by loving yourself, it is the way it goes, just start finding things to love about yourself, and then you will see how others will follow (you don't have to tell them, you just have to know you love yourself and feel it)

  • Might have better luck getting one of us (I live by a modernized code of chivalry) if you learn how to spell chivalrous...

  • Can I love u? I know i'm a stranger but I would like to know u . please? we can be friends . :) . U can share anything with me , i'm an open minded person . I dont care if u're gay/les/straight cause I'm just like u too . I want someone to talk to . Please reply . :]

  • I wish for that love everyday. I realized, love will come to you.

  • im sorry sweetie. you deserve all of that and more. keep taking care of yourself, making sure youre making the best out of the life you have and it will come, i promise.

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