Wife Blacked

Took wife up to Atlanta for 25Th anniversary . Went clubbing at a 80's club . Dancing drinking. Wife and I met Ron a tall muscular black man .They danced we drank till the club closed . Wife invited Ron back to hotel for a nite cap . One thing led to another I went to sleep in one bed and Ron f***** my wife in the other I awake the next morning the wife sucking off Ron's morning wood . The wife has been seeing Ron for the last 6 months .I had a vasectomy 15 years ago we have 2 grown kids me 56 wife 46 Ron's age. Wife on the pill since this began in the beginning was very turned on by her f****** someone else hearing the details of her f****** a big 9" uncut black c*** and how she o****** over and over and loves sucking him . Now she says she is no longer taking the pill and is considering having his child and cutting off my courtesy f*** dont want to let her go .

Oct 17, 2020

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  • This is a difficult situation now if she seriously wants to have his baby. I would try to talk her out of it at her age it won’t be easy and very awkward to explain to your families. Let her know you are quite happy to let her continue f****** her black lover and maybe it would be best to have her tubes tied. My wife took this approach after we had children and it was much more relaxing to know she enjoy having her lover squirt his s**** deep into her without any worries.

  • I often roleplay with my wife and i blindfold her and use big black d**** on her . she can get very aroused and plays along . way shehold the d**** and slowly Slides it inside her her moans . and telling me how good it feels having her black lover inside her. teling me to watch a real man make love to her . making her pregnant . sounds sick but does turn us on .after icum inside her pretending it was him i take of blindfold and she makes me lick her p**** and me telling her how good his c** tastes

  • I know that its hard to deal with sometimes. My wife has been with a lot of black guys over the years. She even got pregnant by one. She was about 3 months pregnant when she lost the baby. She had her tubes tied after that. Once you start letting your wife sleep around you can't stop her. You have to be secure in your manhood. We still have great s**. She just needs the attention of a different guy now and then. I wish you luck with your wife.

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