I love showing off pics of my skinny wife

I confess I have been exposing pics of my wife and each time I get hornier and hornier wanting to expose even more, so much that I fancy seeing her in many p*** sites as a popular webslut. She's so petite and skinny and even fantasize watching her be a hotwife someday.
I love showing her off to pervs who tell me are gonna spread her to other sites and stuff while she remains totally unaware.

Oct 31, 2020

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  • You can send some to me. I'd love it.


  • I always wanted to do that!

  • I like to see guys I show several naked pictures of my wife in sexy poses, get excited and see their d**** get hard.

  • Text me pls daviddalley408@gmail.com

  • Wifelovers is a good place to post wife and girlfriend pictures

  • Https://volafile.org/r/1ewnp9tx4 anyone feel free to check out her content I have uploaded there while it remains (23hrs). Lemme know if u repost :)

  • Email me to user574@hotmail.com

    I can expose them on p*** sites

  • That's exciting and love the feeling of being shamed and humiliated.

  • My now willing wife lets me set up scenarios where she is shown off. We have a massage table, she does things to see how far the masseur will go. About half are willing once they figure it out. She has gotten many happy endings. We have select friends over, there have been photo sessions where they pose her, one time we had 4 friends in our house at once. One time were had a young guy by to bid doing our yardwork, the interview was amazing since she had a tiny short skirt and no panties on. He was bright red the whole time but could not stop looking. Just harmless fun, my wife knows it gets me hot and she gets the benefit.

  • Please email me her pictures agentfm8@gmail.com

  • Please email her pics to me and I'll post her to some websites. sphiil@aol.com

  • I am in the same situation as you my friend. Let’s chat done14@ymail.com

  • Sry gmail?

  • Is ymail or gmail

  • Me too lol I post pics and wait for comments...

  • Me too

  • Can I see one of your posts? Or u wanna spread mine?

  • Yeah shes actually posted on xhamster now

  • What sites do you both post these pics to?

  • I look for pervs on chat-avenue or meetinchat but not many step up :(

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