I feel like a hypocrite because I don't mind that my husband watches p***, but I hate it that he visits cam sites. To me it feels like cheating because p*** is just videos and cam sites you interact with the person. I feel like the only one who feels like this.

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  • No, you're not a hypocrite. I watched cam sites and felt like i got to know the women i enjoyed it and jerked off the whole time, i started feeling things for these women, they would just talk and do dirty things. Nothings hotter than that. He is cheating and he wont stop as long as he is watching p***, he will slip back into cam site ever now and then, a little pop up comes up on his screen one little click and boom, contact.

  • Youre right hes wrong its cheating and im a guy

  • He is being disrespectful to you. And, believe me, many foolish men, single and married, have wasted a lot of money on cam girls, who live and breathe to part men from their hard earned cash.

  • You're not a hypocrite. Your concern is valid. It is cheating. He's interacting with someone - LIVE. Nip this in the bud. Your marriage is at stake.

  • The difference between cam girls and other forms of p********** is the level of interaction going on. Even if you go to a strip club the interaction is public and minimal but camming is private and intimate. There's a real conversation going on. What's the difference between what he's doing and camming with some random woman he met on craiglist? The exchange of money? By that logic he could hire a prostitute and claim it's not cheating because he pays her. No, if it's really just another form of p********** to him he should be able to respect your feelings on this and stop. If he doesn't there's more to it than that.

  • P*** is one thing where a man is not interacting with the women he looks at. With cam girls there is interaction and some men get hooked on them and blow all their money talking to them. Some even fall in love with them. It close to cheating and just as bad if they start having unrealistic feelings for these women whose jobs are to get them to spend money.

  • Oh good I am not alone on this. He says it is just another form of p*** to him.

  • You are right. The interaction can be like cheating. As a married man, he shouldn't be messing around with cam girls.

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